What is SINKO?

Playing SINKO is sort of like arm wrestling, but you're using both arms to wrestle 2 different people at the same time. Sounds pretty crazy, right?

Too many yard games revolve around skills to accurately toss, throw, roll, hit, or slide some kind of object. Not too light and never too hard. It's time to try a game that let's you go as hard as you want.

We want you to PLAY HARD.

SINKO is a dynamic 2-dimensional battle, but raw strength will not guarantee you the win. A deft player can out manuever their opponent and thwart their attemps to score a goal. Someone relying on their strength alone will quickly tire out.

Simple rules makes SINKO easy to learn, and great fun for kids as well as adults.

Our small family in Arizona has continually developed and fine-tuning SINKO for over 4 years. We are delighted to present this locally manufactured game to your next party.