Too many yard games revolve around skills to accurately toss, throw, roll, hit, or slide some kind of object. Not too light and never too hard. It's time to try a game that let's you go as hard as you want.

SINKO was designed with that intention. Something that can give that visceral feeling of giving it everything you got, like tug-of-war of sorts. However, games like tug-of-war or arm wrestling are boring 1 dimensional games where strength is the only skill.

SINKO is a dynamic 2-dimensional battle, but raw strength will not guarantee you the win. Similar to sumo wrestling, a deft opponent will be able to use your own moves against you - resisting you until you are close to a goal, only to then push with your efforts resulting in you overshooting it. Someone relying only on their strength will quickly tire out.

The idea for SINKO was born from a small 2-player homemade kids game with a vaguely similar concept, but upscaled to be a 4-player game for kids and adults alike. It has been continually developed and fine-tuned for over 3 years. 

The name SINKO, coined by friend, represents the ball sinking into the holes, the objective to achieve 5 points ("cinco" - Spanish for five), and a play on words with 'sumo'.

We are a small family living in central Arizona and are delighted to present this locally manufactured game to your next party. Get yours today!